• Poems from afar

住宅空間 Residential

【少即是多Less is more】
【形隨機能Form follows function】

台灣中部 / 97坪 / 毛胚屋 / 東方現代

Poems from afar- The 320 m2 minimalist humanities roughcast house as white as snow
"I love the white and brightness when the morning light shines into the house. The feeling of cleanliness makes me look forward to life." The hostess slowly talked about her feelings about home, hoping that the home has a humanistic and restrained artistic conception.

Less is more
The hostess loves the minimalism and cleanliness in the space, and we also agree that the home space should be returned to life ; therefore, we present the original texture of the materials to bring more quality and imagination to life. We use marble to convey the eternity of natural texture and time, and a whole main wall of piano varnish to express the cleanliness of the literati's soul.
Form follows function
Everything has a type of structure, so it constitutes an appearance, and it is the function that gives it its shape. At the beginning of designing the roughcast house, we understand the client's preference for a neat and large sense of space, and thus we design adequate storage and refine the spatial shape, in the hope of bringing a more appropriate sense of life with the least design language.