• Respect to An der schönen blauen Donau OP. 3/4

住宅空間 Residential


台灣台中 / 30坪 / 新成屋 / 現代鄉村風

Respect to An der schönen blauen Donau OP. 3/4- playing piano in 99M2 rustic chic home as bathed in forest symphony
Architecture is frozen music
The female homeowner is a music educator and the piano is the point of the family; music is the common language of family. This house also is a nice growing environment for parents and children. In order to integrate music into family time, we opened the original piano room and changed the four rooms to three rooms during homeowner design change in a pre-sale residence. Children can get closer to music in the enhanced living room. We ruminated over the design theme to optimal relationship between piano, cello and sofa, and we try to use spatial changes to create different possibilities. In the end, we decided to display the piano in the core of the space for children could enjoy piano melody while having fun in the living room, where is not only a living room but also a piano room.
We design rhythm of symphony as the theme in the main wall of the living room and focuses the visual focus through the classical large frame design of the space. Family could have good mood to sing a song between the rhythm of virtual reality and reality. We also maximize the storage efficiency of the space, when the storage space is adequate, the home will be easier to live in.