• Palace of Ripples

住宅空間 Residential


台灣中部 / 44坪 / 中古屋 / 個性混搭

【Life is as quiet as a lake, rippling all for you. The Palace of Ripples is my promise to you, dedicated only to my Majesty the Queen.】


The newlyweds who had been dating for many years purchased a new house and entrusted us to design their dream house. The designer intends to bring warm perceptual elements into the rational space, so in the vertical and horizontal architectural containers, the rationality of the space is softened sensibly with arc lines. The ceiling of the living room is like a rippling arc, which sparklingly diffuses the light to every corner of the home. These curves streamline the edges and corners of the space, which also symbolizes the owner's gentle promise to the home.

In the space based on black and white, we use different shades of blue to highlight the owner’s extended feelings for the public and private areas, so that the expectations of the home can be more harmoniously integrated - the public area is decorated with sky blue in hope of sunny days; the private area is painted with midnight blue to symbolize tranquility and stability. In the detailed design, we use our ingenuity to design the names of the owners D and J in the curved shape in the entrance hall cabinet, sublimating love into the home. In order to add a sense of luxury to the space, we embellish the space with titanium-plated strips, marble slabs, and shaped light strips, creating a dream palace for the couple.