• Full Moon

住宅空間 Residential

首次遇到屋主,我們對他們熱情款待感到深刻地親切,屋主將朋友也當成家人,希望這個家能彰顯屋主大器。 我們期待幫屋主家人打造出傳世住家,也將父母的愛包裹在空間的細節中。

台灣中部 / 80坪 / 社區型別墅 / 東方現代

Full Moon- Retirement life in the 225 m2 Luxurious mansion which passed of future generations
I was touched by the homeowner's warm hospitality the first time we met. The homeowner treats friends as family and hopes to accentuate his personal qualities through the house. We hope to create a home that will be passed on to future generations for the homeowner by embodying the parents' love in the details.Allowing family members to appreciate the warmth of home is the best reward for the designer. The living room's design: The marble main wall in the living room is complemented by the inviting warmth of walnut wood to present the homeowner's hospitality. We drew inspiration from the moon to design the ceiling light in the living room to endow the family with splendor and honor. The Tea room's design emphasizes that friends and families can chat about anything and everything over tea. A tea table has been ingeniously placed in the elongated house to enrich the vacant passage space, embodying the hospitality of the homeowner and ensuring good Feng Shui of the hallway. The luminous stone illuminates the family instructions "Without the continuous bitter cold, there can be no fragrant plum blossoms", hoping that Guanyin will protect the family for generations to come. The Dining room's design: The round table forms a circle that symbolizes family affection, where memories of the family are preserved in everyone's hearts. The master bedroom's design: The curved headboard echoes the warmth of the stone wall in the living room, while the circular tape light on the ceiling symbolizes the wholeness of the family. Study and bedroom's design: Space emanates the mature and sophisticated qualities.