• Come home love

住宅空間 Residential

【麻雀雖小 五臟俱全】

台灣台中 / 33坪 / 新成屋 / 人文簡約

Come home love- 110 m2 intelligent and expanse home with the double loop line of ceiling
Mind is comfortable at the wide space
This is a typical apartment which with three bedrooms and two living rooms . After discussing lifestyle with homeowner, we propose the idea for dismantle one bedroom to expand the public space ; therefore, the sofa in living room and the dining table in the dining room could have a furniture communicate, and bring more possibilities to life. 
The double loop line design of the ceiling connects the living room and dining room ; moreover , the smart lighting plan permits the ceiling to have a different expression at different angles, which spices up amusing with life.
The space becomes wider, comfortable, interesting and intelligent ; therefore, people begin to fall in love with going home!
Small but complete in every detail
The homeowner considers importance to the storage of daily necessities and hoping to be satisfied with working from home. Therefore, we design a whole cabinet that has a plentiful of storage functions can be satisfied storage with daily necessities in the public space. When the homeowners go home, they will relax from the main color of the space is warm oak color. When the homeowner presses on her mobile phone, she can lower the projection screen in the living room, they watch movies and play games immediately; weekday instantly becomes holiday. 
Life combines intelligent control becomes omnipotent ; technology always comes from life, and makes people fall in love with life.