• Leisurely Time

住宅空間 Residential

【隔扇 ふすま】運用活動拉門讓和室可動可靜,可自在或坐或臥聽著音樂看著電影,亦可闔起拉門隔斷過道享受安靜時光看書看景。

【緣側 くれ縁】過道串聯整體住家的空間也能增加空間的層次深度,拉門打開則過道融入和室空間;關起時也能區隔餐廳空間。


台灣台中 / 35坪 / 新成屋 / 混搭風

Leisurely Time- 110 m2 Mix and match design intelligent home 
"We want a washitsu where we can take a leisurely nap while listening to music."
After understanding the homeowner's emphasis on a space to enjoy quality family time, we applied the traditional washitsu (Japanese style room) concept to create the mix and match design that attempts to let the homeowner appreciate the spatial variations of the washitsu, in turn engendering a new, flexible, and free lifestyle. The living room's design incorporates cabinets into the washitsu for storage and display purposes. The element extends to the ceiling, where tape lights create interesting layers of lights. The sliding fusuma endows the washitsu with versatility, allowing the occupants to relax while listening to music or watching movies. When closed, the fusuma creates a serene reading or resting space. The engawa connects various spaces in the house and creates a sense of depth. When the fusuma open, the engawa blends into the washitsu. When the fusuma closed, it can distinguish a dining space. The design of the children's room is given the colors of azure skies and white clouds, creating an innocent, lively vibe for the occupant. The master bedroom's design: Mix and match design is a way of life for the homeowners. Design incorporates elements such as domed ceiling ,cultured stone, stone grain, and blue belt. Our design allows the homeowners to enjoy quality family time while reading with their children on the couch in the cozy bedroom.