• Life is like a cup of tea

住宅空間 Residential


台灣台中 / 25坪 / 老屋翻修 / 東方現代

Sweet aftertaste of ancient tea- 82.5m2 old house renovated back to modern oriental style house in Taichung
Life is like a cup of tea

After the homeowner retires, she hopes to migrate the focus of her life to the first floor. She wants to have a space where she can taste tea, appreciate paintings, arrange flowers, and collect treasures to enjoy her leisure life.
A hard beginning makes a good ending
The traditional long house is deep and dark, the front court is long and obstructed, and the stairs are entangled in the center and separated inside and outside, furthermore the toilet is small and damp. How to improve these problems is the core cause of the treatment of the old house.We add entrances in the long house to separate the inside and outside in sequence in paragraphs; the homeowner could express herself in the living room and conceal the stairs independently, furthermore we expand the guest toilet to increase the function; improve mechanism of kitchen that homeowner could migrate reasonably the center of life to first floor; we also renovate the backyard to homeowner where she can plant flowers. After re-design this house, which just like people drink a cup of tea has a sweet aftertaste. We hope that the homeowner’s family can enjoy living in the modern oriental style house.
Tea offers the style of time
First time when we visited homeowner, she displayed oriental antiques that she collected over the years to us; therefore, we had a design idea to create a modern oriental space atmosphere in the house. It’s just like that put new wine into old bottles however try a new style. We hope to maintain the old design style of the house and create a new modern oriental style to the house.