嘿! 馬卡龍!

  • Hey! Macaron!

住宅空間 Residential


嘿! 馬卡龍!
台灣台中 / 21坪 / 新成屋 / 北歐童趣

Hey! Macaron!- Enjoy vacation life in 69.3m2 childlike parent-child home

I hope that the overall design is friendly and close, so we use colorful colors to make the home lively. The four macarons on the head of the bed in the master bedroom represent happy family. Once you go home, you can see the sweet macaron atmosphere healing the heart of hard work.
Because of homeowner's work he needs another vacation home. He hopes to focus on the children, when he is not working that family could eat sweet macarons at tea time in the afternoon, and spend a pleasant day watching the blue sky. This home is a working relay station that does not require too much functions, but leaves more space for color and curve, so that the family can enjoy it during holidays. The curved design makes the overall space softer, and more child-friendly and safer ; the collision-resistant design, let parents feel peacefully. 
We also improved the shortcomings of the original bedside beams of the original master bedroom, and modified the layout to enlarge the room.
This home is also another sweet place for the family.