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台灣台中 / 20坪 / 新成屋 / 簡約混搭

Cat at home- Living with pet in 66M2 apartment

"We are newlyweds and we live with a cat. We wish our home could be designed lightly and lively."
Life is myself without over design in the home, I just need simply design and simple life, leave a little plain space in home.
The cat springboard is a three-bedroom and two-dining room for cat where cat can exercise and play, and integrate cat into the living space. This is our home also is a comfortable home for cat.
The first step to think about is the division of the public and private space for this kind of typical apartment which with three bedrooms and two living rooms. We design secret doors to distinguish between the public and private space; therefore, the public space is completely independent. In the private space, the master bedroom is combined with the walk-in closets, and the sliding door is used as the boundary between the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. When the sliding door is closed, they are independent of each other. When the door is opened, guest bedroom could become another multifunctional room used by the master bedroom, so the planning can effectively be used.
After satisfying the basic life functions, the modern and generous style brings some personality to record the young dream, which is the starting point for this family's dream.